The Politics of Breathing

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I’ve always sucked at initiating things. I tend to sit and wait for things to come along for me instead of going and seeking them out. This hasn’t proved to be a bad thing but it’s made my life awfully boring. I currently am crushing on a girl that I’ve seen around a few times. We both work for Whole Foods but we work at different stores. She’s come through my line a few times and last night she came through with a girl who turned out to be her best friend that I thought was her girlfriend because I always see them together. I can’t tell what she thinks about me but at the same time, she probably can’t tell what I think about her because I am terrible at flirting with people I really like and I thought she had a girlfriend all this time so I didn’t make any moves. I know that she may have a girlfriend even though I haven’t seen her but I want to take the chance of giving her my number and setting up a date. I just don’t know if I should wait until I run into her again (meaning she probably won’t be by herself) or if I should pay her a visit and drop my number off. Maybe I should bake her brownies and try to swoon her. “I think you’re cute so I brought you brownies”. Or I could write her a cute poem. Or is that trying too hard?

I’m pretty sure she’s vegan/vegan-leaning because I only ever see her buy vegan things and last night she asked if I’d be at Flacos today for Taquito Tuesday, so that must mean something, right? I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned Flacos to her.

Please please please help me.

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