The Politics of Breathing

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I had another dream about Mills last night and I actually want to use this year of deferring my enrollment to try to figure out how I’m going to afford Mills. I’ve already come up with a few hypothetical options in my head, which include taking 1-2 classes per semester so I don’t have to take out enormous loans and can still work without worrying about having too many classes. There are two main issues with this option. The first is that in order to qualify for my scholarship (and other financial aid), I must be a full-time student.

The second problem is that it would take me forever to graduate, which I am alright with. I’ve been stretching out my undergrad education for this long already that I don’t mind spending a few more years in school. I would like to get my degree before I’m 26 though.

Lately I’ve been thinking about seeing how far I can get without a college degree and although I’m happy with working for Whole Foods, I know having a degree will expand my options greatly.

If anyone has any advice on this I would greatly appreciate any input. I’ve met a few girls who have had to leave Mills due to not having the finances to attend.

If there’s a will, there’s a way. Right?

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