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The Politics of Breathing

Ask away.   Amanda. 24. Mills College. Gemini sun. Virgo rising. Taurus moon. Vegan. Lover of orcas, music, and trees. Transcriber of words. Killer of avocados.
When you hear someone using the words “raping me”

on the phone in a very distressed manner, pull out your smart phone, search for the first rape hotline you can find, and write down the number along with a few kind words and hand it to them, because everyone else on the train just thinks they’re a bit crazy and unstable and yeah they’re unstable because being in an abusive relationship does that to people. Coming back from Andrea Gibson last night on BART, I saw a womyn get on the train and I could immediately tell she was having a rough time. For once I didn’t have my iPod on so I was able to hear a part of her conversation on the phone. She was speaking pretty loudly but everyone else just ignored her and as soon as I heard her say “raping me” I knew I had to do something. I pulled up the number (1.800.656.HOPE) for the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network and handed it to her. I was nervous in doing so because she was in a rough place and also because people on the train were watching me go up to her. I was greeted with a very warm smile and a “Thanks, honey”. I hope she’s alright and I hope I made some sort of difference. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEE SPEAK UP OR DO WHAT YOU CAN FOR VICTIMS OF ABUSE. They need to know that there are people who care about them.

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Would there be any interest in a submission based website that compiles information pertaining to financial aid?


The site would function as a sort of cross between RateMyProfessor and Youtube, giving college students the opportunity to tell future applicants whether or not their school fulfills any financial aid promises that they have made. Submitters could either send in an audio, video, or text submission, and they would have the choice of being either identified by first name, last initial, or anonymous. Submissions would be categorized by the college. 

THIS. THIS WOULD BE AMAZING. I need to find out if Mills is really worth the ridiculous price tag it comes with/find out how to go there without falling into a ridiculous amount of debt.

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I’ve always sucked at initiating things. I tend to sit and wait for things to come along for me instead of going and seeking them out. This hasn’t proved to be a bad thing but it’s made my life awfully boring. I currently am crushing on a girl that I’ve seen around a few times. We both work for Whole Foods but we work at different stores. She’s come through my line a few times and last night she came through with a girl who turned out to be her best friend that I thought was her girlfriend because I always see them together. I can’t tell what she thinks about me but at the same time, she probably can’t tell what I think about her because I am terrible at flirting with people I really like and I thought she had a girlfriend all this time so I didn’t make any moves. I know that she may have a girlfriend even though I haven’t seen her but I want to take the chance of giving her my number and setting up a date. I just don’t know if I should wait until I run into her again (meaning she probably won’t be by herself) or if I should pay her a visit and drop my number off. Maybe I should bake her brownies and try to swoon her. “I think you’re cute so I brought you brownies”. Or I could write her a cute poem. Or is that trying too hard?

I’m pretty sure she’s vegan/vegan-leaning because I only ever see her buy vegan things and last night she asked if I’d be at Flacos today for Taquito Tuesday, so that must mean something, right? I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned Flacos to her.

Please please please help me.

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I had another dream about Mills last night and I actually want to use this year of deferring my enrollment to try to figure out how I’m going to afford Mills. I’ve already come up with a few hypothetical options in my head, which include taking 1-2 classes per semester so I don’t have to take out enormous loans and can still work without worrying about having too many classes. There are two main issues with this option. The first is that in order to qualify for my scholarship (and other financial aid), I must be a full-time student.

The second problem is that it would take me forever to graduate, which I am alright with. I’ve been stretching out my undergrad education for this long already that I don’t mind spending a few more years in school. I would like to get my degree before I’m 26 though.

Lately I’ve been thinking about seeing how far I can get without a college degree and although I’m happy with working for Whole Foods, I know having a degree will expand my options greatly.

If anyone has any advice on this I would greatly appreciate any input. I’ve met a few girls who have had to leave Mills due to not having the finances to attend.

If there’s a will, there’s a way. Right?

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