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The Politics of Breathing

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This humyn is incredible. I think their name is Kai Davis? *googles* Yep.

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This piece is so powerful, so profound that the first time I heard it, I cried and clapped while I sat in my office chair.

Never let the way you talk be an excuse someone uses against you. Never let the way you form your words on paper or the “Errors” that you make when you write, be something someone uses as proof that you are beneath them. It is THEIR weakness in not being able to form another argument. It is THEIR weakness in thought and need to find something, anything to use against you. They aren’t looking at or listening to your words. They are only in search for any item to use against you. It is THEY who need to be fixed, not you. Speak on. Write on. Fuck them.

Hell yeah!!!!

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